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Spices and Seasoning

Most foods benefit from the use of spices and seasoning they help to provide zest and liven up the taste of recipes. They can be combined together or used alone to

create the distinct flavor you are trying to achieve. Looking for storage for your spices and seasonings shop for spice racks.

Cayenne Cayenne
A go to spice for adding zest to any dish. It is produced from ground red peppers and can be mildly hot to hot depending on how much is used.

It can be use to flavor meats, sauces, add a dash to soups, eggs, vegetables, coleslaw, rice and even guacamole for extra spiciness and heat.
Chili Powder Chili Powder
This seasoning gets it flavor from a unique blend of dry chili peppers, ground cumin seeds, garlic powder, oregano and salt. It is of course great when mixed with your chili dishes. Also this blend is commonly used to season meats for quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and even Spanish style rice.
For added flavor, this seasoning can be added to this favorite recipe Mexican taco soup.
Cinnamon Cinnamon
A sweet and aromatic spice that can be purchased either as rolled bark or ground. It can be mixed with nuts, dried fruit and on breads like French toasts. It can also be combined with rice pilaf for a rich flavor. Combine with granulated sugar to cooked apples or brown sugar to sweet potatoes.
Household Tip: Simmer a few cinnamon sticks on top of your stove to create an amazing aroma throughout your house.
Cumin Cumin
This spice is normally purchased ground. It has a very distinct spicy, nutty and peppery flavor.
It can be added to stews, meat loaf, cooked rice, hamburgers, tamales, cabbage and deviled eggs. Add a few sprinkles to new potatoes and omelets. It seems to add a smoky flavor to my dishes.
Curry Powder Curry Powder
A full-bodied flavor seasoning that adds a distinct flavor to your foods.

It is great when prepared with soups, stews, sauces and gravies. It can also be applied to meats like poultry, fish and other seafood. Wake up the taste of fresh pears and grapefruit. Also add to salted nuts for a great snack.
Garlic Powder Garlic Powder
This is yet another time saving flavorful seasoning, which is sometimes combined with onion powder. Use to add great garlic flavor to meats, Italian dishes, and green beans. Also add to butter to make a garlic butter spread for French bread before toasting.
Measuring tip: Normally 1/8 teaspoon is equal to one medium sized garlic clove. This can also be purchased minced when texture is needed remember to presoak in equal parts of water.
Ginger Ginger
Another good spice for adding great flavor to your dishes. It can be packaged in syrup, fresh, crystallized (candied) or ground.
It is of course used for making gingerbread, also add to flavor soups, cookies, chicken vegetables, cakes and even pickles. It is also great for duck dishes and tastes amazing on fresh fruit salad.
Ground Mustard Ground Mustard
This spice has a very pungent spicy peppery flavor that compliments almost any dish.
It is typically added to crab cakes and seafood salads. It can also be added to your favorite glazes for chicken and pork dishes. This spice can be added to dry rub mixtures for preparing baked and broiled barbecue ribs.
Nutmeg Nutmeg
This spice has a very pungent spicy peppery flavor that compliments almost any dish. It is great when mixed with baking favorites like cakes, muffins, cookies sweet breads and homemade pies. It livens up the taste of rich creamy soups, pastas, and even vegetable sauces. A sprinkle can even be added to quiche fillings and it adds a great flavorful accent to French toasts, waffles, pancakes and puddings.

For a surprising twist try adding a pinch or two to your spaghetti sauce. It will add a special kick that will make your spaghetti stand out from the rest.
Onion Powder Onion Powder
This is a great seasoning when you want onion flavor without using fresh onions, great for picky eaters and convenience too. It adds flavor to hamburger mixture before grilling, frying or baking. Also add to other meats and creamy soups.
Measuring tip: Typically one tablespoon is equal to one medium sized onion.
Paprika Paprika
A mildly hot spice, which consist of ground pods of sweet peppers.
This flavorful spice can be sprinkled on potato salad. It can also be mixed with other seasonings and rubbed on meats for added flavor. It comes in other varieties like smoked to add a little spicy smokey flavor to recipes.

Saffron Saffron
It is typically purchased ground and maybe sold as shredded strands and has a very complex taste.
This is a great spice to add to your favorite poultry, fish and rice dishes. I like to add it to my yellow rice along with other spices.

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