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All About Herbs

Herbs either fresh or dried can be used for adding deep rich flavors and under tones to your favorite dishes. It is a great idea to only use the leaves of fresh herbs

which have more flavor and omit the stems. Also, to release the true aromatic flavors of herbs shop for mortar and pestle sets.

Basil Basil
This flavorful herb is great for use in Italian dishes and pesto sauces. Sprinkle on fresh tomatoes and mozzarella slices or balls then drizzle with olive oil for a light flavored appetizer.
Bay Leaves Bay Leaves
This strong flavored herb can be used to make the best spaghetti sauces, chowders, soups and stews. Also adds a hint of flavor to boiled lobster.
Note: Always remove from dishes before serving.
Chives Chives
This herb has a sweet and onion type flavor. It can be used to season omelets, asparagus, fresh tomatoes, chicken, cheese, fish and cream sauces. It can also be used for preparing Quick Mini Cheese Balls Appetizers.
It can be purchased fresh, freeze dried or as frozen leaves.
Cilantro Cilantro
Is typically used to season Mexican style dishes like fajitas and also can be mixed with fresh salsa. It can be used to flavor some Indian curry dishes.
This herb can also be known as coriander, which can be found in either whole or ground seeds.
Dill Dill
This fresh mild tasting herb can be used in your favorite fish recipes, chicken and veal dishes. Mix with sour cream for added flavor, sprinkle on eggs, tomatoes, potatoes and a great for tuna salads. It is also available in seed variety whole or ground.
It is also available in seed variety whole or ground.
Mint Mint
This go to herb for roasted lamb, duck and some of my chicken dishes. It has a refreshingly cool and sweet flavor. It can be used in your favorite tea or fruit and vegetable salads. It is also available in seed variety whole or ground. Sprinkle on cooked meats just before serving for a colorful garnish.
Oregano Oregano
Also a great herb that can be used in most Italian dishes and even some Mexican style dishes. Sprinkle on pizza, add to tomato based sauces, chili, gravy and even adds an extra kick to potato salad.
A flavorful herb that comes in three different varieties
(curly leaf, flat leaf or Italian and turnip-rooted).
The curly leaf parsley variety is generally used as a garnish and it has a less intense flavor.

The turnip-rooted parsley is typically used to compliment soups and stews, the other types can be used for this purpose as well.

The flat leaf/Italian or curly leaf parsley can be used in dumplings and they give great flavor to vegetables too.

The two leaf varieties can also be used in a variety of recipes such as Simple Boiled Potato Wedges, Easy Shrimp Scampi and Cheddar Seaside Biscuits.

Rosemary Rosemary
This herb has a pine like aroma. It is great for soups, stews, beef roasts, seafood chowders, cheese and eggs. Also can be used to season dumplings, cabbage, lamb, fish and pork. It works great for marinades too.
Mix with butter and apply to fish and steaks before cooking.

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